Hello and welcome to COLLARS.

We are a new, independent and currently unregistered fund that has been set up to help support the Police dogs who have served with Cleveland Police following their retirement from the Force.

Very few Police Forces around the country provide any financial support when their dogs retire although some do give a one-off payment. Unfortunately, our dogs do not benefit from such a payment and therefore it is our intention to step in and by raising funds, provide financial help towards their veterinary bills. This should allow them to get the best healthcare possible, ensuring that they have an excellent quality of life in their retirement years.

So, what about insurance, you may ask? Whilst not impossible to obtain for retired Police dogs, the premium prices quoted often make it cost prohibitive for owners of our furry heroes. This is mainly due to the nature of the dog’s work and age at retirement, and any pre-existing injuries or illnesses that may have been sustained throughout their working life will not be covered. A working Police dog can serve many years in their specialist area and although most retire normally at the end of their service, some will retire early through injury or illness making it extremely unlikely that they would be covered on any policy.

All of us at COLLARS believe that our Police dogs deserve the VIP treatment in their retirement, and their health and wellbeing should be the number one priority therefore we want to ensure that any owner of one of our retired dogs, whether that be the former handler or new owner who takes on the full responsibility and financial commitments for that dog, receives the support they need to help provide the VIP retirement that our dogs have earned.

‘They have served with bravery, loyalty and honour. It is now time for us to repay them’

Information about how you can help us, coming soon!